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“Although early days, I feel that client’s needs will be met (due to mental impairment, he is unable to stand by his decisions) and family will have to listen to what he wants.”


Our additional projects allows DIAS to offer more services to our client groups that would otherwise be possible with only core Local Authority and NHS funding. This has the benefit of promoting a general advocacy skill set and cohesion across a small team with the advantages this brings to continuity and quality of service provision for those in need of DIAS’s support.

Core Projects

  1. Adult Service and Mental Health – funded jointly by Dundee City Council and NHS Tayside to provide an independent citizen and professional (paid and volunteer) advocacy service for adults (aged 21-65) who live in Dundee.   MH-Leaflet-April-13.pdf
  2. Older Person’s Advocacy Service – funded jointly by Dundee City Council and NHS Tayside to provide an independent issue based (professional and collective) service for adults (aged 65 years +) and those suffering from dementia who live in Dundee.  This involves working individually with older people plus providing a unique project of delivering Collective Advocacy in 2 of the 27 care homes in Dundee, meeting regularly with residents to check their views, needs and wants are being listened to.  Current Care Homes we are operating in are  Riverside View Care Home, in particular the Bluebell Unit which is a rehabilitation unit supporting individuals to return home to live independently.  Previously, we offered this service at Moyness, St. Columba’s’ and Pitkerro Care Home although we do support individuals where required at other Care Home Units within Dundee.  Older-Person-leaflet.pdf

Additional Projects

  1. NHS Collective Advocacy – again a unique project operating at NHS Tayside Carseview Unit which is an acute mental health unit providing rehabilitation, secure inpatient and voluntary services.  Collective Advocacy sessions are usually conducted in each ward on a fortnightly basis.
  2. Danshell Group – a private care and hospital provider for individuals with complex learning disabilities, who may also have a compulsory Mental Health treatment order under the MHCTA 2003.  Dundee City Council commision us to deliver this service in Wallace Hospital & Thistle Care Home and Ellen Mhor.
  3. Peer Advocacy Project – funded by NHS Tayside to provide volunteering opportunities to those who have a learning disability, supported by our Volunteer Co-ordinator.  Our Peer Advocates work with their advocacy partners to increase confidence and assertiveness so that they are able to speak out for themselves, lessening the imbalance of power between the advocate and their advocacy partner.  DIAS is very proud of our Peer Advocates who all take their role seriously and are conscientious ambassadors for independent advocacy.


If you would like to know more about our projects at DIAS, please contact us on office@diasdundee.org or telephone; 01382 205515

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